In 2015/16, the biggest challenge for the Hunger Projekt in Mozambique was the drought caused by El Niño. In southern Africa, people experienced the worst drought in 35 years. Particularly affected were people in rural areas who are dependent on agriculture.

However, since training in food safety is central to preparing the population for a further crisis situation, almost twice as many people were trained in the first half of 2016 as originally planned for 2016. The Hunger Project Mozambique supports the population in preparing for malnutrition and food insecurity.

Successes 2016

Thanks to your support of our epicenter strategy we have already achieved a lot in Mozambique!

Several workshops were organised, in which the population was specifically trained to deal with the drought.

  • 21 Vision Commitment Action Workshops (1661 women, 403 men)
  • 6 women empowerment workshops (291 women, 93 men)
  • 13 workshops on food security (468 women, 93 men)
  • 528 women and 29 men enrolled in the literacy and education programme
  • 853 women and 29 men completed an HIV/AIDS workshop
  • 351 partners completed a workshop on income-generating activities

In addition, the Hunger Project is working in a consortium with other relief organisations such as Save the Children, Oxfam and Care International to jointly overcome the crisis situation.

In the long term, the population should be better prepared for such and similar crises. The Epicenter strategy is to be further developed and disaster risk management will play an important role.

Interview with Mariarosa, Partner of the Microfinance Programme in Mozambique

Mariarosa shows us how she makes bricks. She mixes the sandy soil with the cement and adds water. The she fills the mold with the mixture. The content of the mold will be dried in the sun for a few days. The final bricks will be sold for CHF 1.80 each.

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"In the local VCA (Vision-Commitment-Action)-Workshops of THP, the majority of participants are women and they become empowered to lead their lifes independently, to take action and to influence their communities as self-responsible members. As such, they jointly find their own ways out of chronic hunger and external material dependence. THP joins this process locally, where the people are at home."

Therese Gerber-F├╝rst, Management Consultant, has been supporting THP for more than 10 years

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