Articles of Incorporation

The Hunger Project Switzerland is an independent association with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It supports with member contributions and voluntary contributions from partners as well as other income, pursuant to these By-Laws...

Board of Trustees, Advisory Committee, Ambassador, Team Suisse Romande and Managing Director

Board of Trustees


Anne-Céline Bonnier


Stella Cunidi

Dr. iur. Daniel Heini

Ursula Maier

Dorna Revie

Manuela Stiffler

Karin Tasso



from left to right: Daniel Heini, Manuela Stiffler, Dorna Revie, Karin Tasso, Stella Cunidi, Ursula Maier, Anne-Céline Bonnier, Alexandra Koch (Managing Director)

Advisory Committee


Yvonne Feri - National Council Member

Igor Ustinov - President of the Peter Ustinov Foundation and Sculptor

Dr. Christian Auer - Epidemiologist

Max J. Koch - Former Vice-Director of a transport company

Dr. med. Bruno Lerf - MD General Surgery

Ursula Willimann - Translator


Mona Petri

Team Suisse Romande

Dorna Revie (board member, representant Western Switzerland)

Marie-Laure de Beausacq (coordination volunteers Western Switzerland)

Mark Silverstein (Responsible Communication & Development Institut Florimont in Geneva, Member of the Rotary Club in Geneva)

Managing Director

Alexandra Koch

lic. rer. pol., MBA

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"During the last 20 years, I have met many employees and volunteers of The Hunger Project around the world. Their determination and 100% commitment is unique and has inspired me very much. It is an honor for me to be their partner for a hunger-free world. I could't invest my money any better."

Doris Ragettli, Flight Attendant, has been supporting THP for more than 20 years

The Hunger Project Switzerland, Blumenweg 6B, CH-5300 Turgi
+41 44 586 68 34