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The Hunger Project reached 16 million people in 12 countries of South Asia, Africa and Latin America in 2018. 27 Epicenters (clusters of rural villages) have completed the final project phase and are now managed in self-reliance by 507 communities (470,209 inhabitants).

The Hunger Project is an international movement of people who actively strive for the goal to overcome chronic malnutrition worldwide.

The Hunger Project carries out its mission with strategies that are affordable, effective, replicable and sustainable, based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Mobilizing people at the grassroots level to build self-reliance
  • Empowering women as key change agents
  • Forging effective partnerships with local government

Vision and Mission                                                  Fachtsheet: Empowerment

Organisation - The Hunger Project Switzerland

The Hunger Project is a global non-profit organization. (more)

THP in the world: Program and Partner Countries

The Hunger Project is a global movement of individuals and organizations in 22 countries worldwide working in authentic partnership for the sustainable end of hunger. (more)

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"In the local VCA (Vision-Commitment-Action)-Workshops of THP, the majority of participants are women and they become empowered to lead their lifes independently, to take action and to influence their communities as self-responsible members. As such, they jointly find their own ways out of chronic hunger and external material dependence. THP joins this process locally, where the people are at home."

Therese Gerber-F├╝rst, Management Consultant, has been supporting THP for more than 10 years

The Hunger Project Switzerland, Blumenweg 6B, CH-5300 Turgi
+41 44 586 68 34